By Aaron Mackel,

It’s that time of year again and everyone is starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions involve looking to improve you in some way, or another is a great thing to do when starting off a new year. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions only last a few weeks. You see it every year at the gym. The first few weeks of the year the gym is almost unusable because there are so many people in it. By the end of January, it is back to normal. New Year’s resolutions are simply hard to keep. If you have a resolution you want to stick to and turn into a life habit, this week’s app of the week might be for you. Commit is a simple app that is designed to help you turn something new into a lasting habit.

We have already established that keeping your New Year’s resolution is a pretty complicated and difficult task. Time, impatience, and dislike for the resolutions are all reasons people end up giving up on them. Why would you want to add something else that is complicated into your life cycle? Many apps out there are very complicated and can almost become too frustrating and time consuming to use. Commit is just the opposite. It is an incredibly simple app that makes sure you are sticking to your goals.

Enter the activity you want to do and set a reminder time for Commit to remind you in case you forget. After reminding you that you need to do your activity, the app will ask you if you completed that activity for the day; you will simply answer yes or no. Every time you answer “yes”, Commit will keep track of how many days in a row you have stuck to your commitment. Once that day streak gets up to 15 or 20, it serves as motivation on its own to keep going. You won’t want to see 0 days in a row at the bottom of your screen.

Commit is a very simple app that does its job. It reminds you to stick to your commitment and it makes you answer whether or not you completed your activity for the day. Whether you want to read more, leave work earlier, or start running, Commit will remind you every day.

To learn more about Commit, click here.

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