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Apps like Google Drive and Dropbox are not new. They have been around for a while now and cloud storage is becoming more and more popular. With the expanded role of mobile devices, this trend really makes sense. Having the documents that are important to you available on any of your devices through these mobile apps or simply being able to log in online on any computer provides a major convenience for everyone. Fortunately for us, these convenient apps are still working on making things even better for their users. While many might already be using Google Drive, those users will be happy to hear that spreadsheets are now editable on mobile devices.

Google Drive, which was formerly known as Google Docs, has taken the next step to make the users experience even more convenient. While being able to access a document or spreadsheet from anywhere is better than not being able to, some users have been frustrated will the inability to make changes to their documents on mobile devices. As Trevor Mogg points out in this article on, the newest update to Google Drives allows for on the go spreadsheet editing from your mobile device.

One great thing about spreadsheets is that they can be used to keep track of just about anything as you go. This is why being able to edit them from anywhere is something that frequent Google Drive users have been longing for. With the rapid rise of mobile devices such as iPads and other tablets for business uses, this update makes all the sense in the world and allows users of Google Drive to get that much more out of this app.

As mentioned here, Google Drive comes with 5 GB of free storage. For many, this much storage will be more than enough. Keeping documents that could be needed at any time such as an application for potential employees, your resume, or spreadsheets that you change on a frequent basis are all good reasons to use Google Drive. For these simple purposes, 5 GB should be more than enough. If you are looking to use Google Drive as your primary storage option, you might need to upgrade to a paid plan for more storage.

To get started or learn more about Google Drive, Click here. If you are already a user, enjoy your new ability to edit spreadsheets on the go!

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