By Aaron

Life will typically take us to some places we have never been. Whether on vacation, making business runs, or taking the kids to a basketball game, you are bound to be unfamiliar with some of the places you are going. While many people have a GPS, some don’t. Luckily smart phones can double as a GPS and there is one app in particular that is better than the rest – Google Maps. Google Maps has been available for quite some time for Android users and has now become available for iPhone users.

Those who should be most happy to hear this news are those who use an iPhone. Apple Maps initial launch turned out to be a disappointment and is not very reliable. Google Maps has a great reputation for accurate mapping that will help you get from point a to point b. Google Maps has some awesome features and is a must have app for any smart phone owner. Some of the greats features are listed below.

Search – Google Maps has a great search feature that will help you find what you are looking for. Searching for businesses, restaurants, and addresses is incredibly easy. The search feature can be used to find something you know you are looking for or to discover something new. It is very fast and very helpful.

Directions – The directions feature is also very nice on this app. The directions feature includes turn by turn directions with voice guidance. Basically your phone will do exactly what your GPS does. While other apps can do this and have been around for a while, Google Maps is the most reliable in my experience. If you were thinking of buying a GPS, use your phone instead!

Street View – Google Maps offers an incredible street view option where you can see locations from your phone. What is so awesome about this is that it can be done purely for fun or to help you recognize an area before you get there.

Google Maps is highly rated and works well in all of my experiences. It is definitely great to have a free turn by turn voice guided app available on your phone. As stated earlier, this app can be so useful for so many different reasons. After all, you never know where life will take you.

To learn more about Google Maps, click here for Android and here for iPhone.


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