By Aaron Mackel

Everyone knows that internet marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business. The trouble is, it is hard to understand and the results of your hard work can take months to see. Luckily, there is an affordable and easy tool designed for business owners – Google Adwords.

Millions of people use Google each and every day to find the answers to their problems. When a person knows they need a self storage facility, you can have a text ad showing on the front page of the search results, for relatively cheap. The best part is, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that you are only paying for qualified leads that are in need of self storage.

Unlike other forms of online marketing, Google’s cost-per-click method provides instant results. Within minutes after setting up your account, your ads will be showing. Google provides incredible tools to help you choose the best keywords, price your bids correctly, and keep up to date on how successful your ads are. If your storage facility has too many vacant units for your liking, you are opening up a new location, or you simply want more business, Adwords gives you a chance to attack these problems instantly.

Another great feature is that your ads will only show in the geographical areas you want them to. If your facility is in Los Angeles, you have the ability to advertise to the whole city, certain zip codes, or even within a radius of your facility. This allows you to reach out to your most potent areas. This gives you many options when targeting your customers. If you notice a large amount of your customers are coming for a specific area of town, you can put more emphasis on that area. If storage facilities are popping up in another area, this may signal a demand for storage in that area and you can advertise heavily in that region.

Keywords are the heart of Adwords. You will want to choose words that people

This is an illustration of possible keywords that could be associated with the movies. Keywords are a key portion of Adwords.

are likely to search when looking for self storage. While keywords should certainly include phrases such as “self storage”, other phrases that identify the problems people are having are incredibly effective as well. Examples of this would be “using attic for storage” or “de-clutter home”. Some people might not have thought of self storage as a solution to their problem but this is your chance to show them.

Adwords is an incredible tool that has been built in such a way that anyone can use it. It provides instant results and you only pay when someone clicks the ad that takes them to your website. Often times clicks can cost as little as $.50. If you can attract a new customer with such a limited cost, you are at a major advantage.

With that being said, you will not always be able to land a first page position at such a low price. In high population areas, where competition is high, bidding prices will go up. Fortunately, Adwords takes the guess work out and tells you the amount necessary to have your ad shown on page one for each and every keyword.

Luckily, ad position does not have to do completely with how much you are willing to pay. Click through rate, or the percentage of times your ad is clicked when it is seen by a viewer, is a major factor in Adwords ranking system. Adwords is Google’s main revenue producer and they want to show the ads that get clicks. That is after all how they make their money.

This makes creating well focused and targeted ads very important. You are working with very limited characters with an Adwords text ad, but a well targeted message with a great call to action is still very doable. Offering some incentive such as a percent off for new self storage customers along with a call to action to act now is sure to catch the eye of someone in need of self storage.

So next time someone searches “self storage” or “storage locker” in your area, you can have an ad waiting for them. That is powerful.


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