By Aaron Mackel,

Social networking and mobile communication have grown a lot together over the last several years. People have access to Facebook and other social networking sites no matter where they are and are able to check in on what is happening constantly. It is no coincidence that businesses are trying harder and harder to establish a great Facebook presence. Businesses are recognizing that it is a critically important part of communicating with their customer base. Facebook’s mobile app was designed for the average user to enjoy and didn’t function very well for those who ran business pages. Facebook has now created the Pages Manager app that allows business owners to communicate with their customer base in a much more reliable and convenient way.

The Pages Manager app is a free app that is designed for the sole purpose of updating your Facebook business pages. Download the app, log in with your Facebook account, and you are good to go. The Pages Manager app will simply bring up the pages you manage and allow you to switch between them easily. While you were able to access pages on the basic Facebook app, the things you could do were fairly limited and it was not always the most consistent when it came to posting using a business page. This app allows for easy use of business pages and is much more consistent and accurate at recognizing that you are posting from a business page.

What makes this app so nice is that it separates your personal Facebook account from your business pages. Looking at photos that people have taken and talking to friends can make Facebook very distracting. Luckily when you are trying to get something done for your business, the Pages Manager app won’t display any of that content. It is made for business and makes sure you are focused on business.

Facebook has certainly become a great way for businesses to interact with customers. An app made for this purpose only makes sense. This app is much more effective when it comes to helping you achieve your business goals on Facebook. It even has statistics to help you track the impact your Facebook page is having. For anyone that manages a single or multiple Facebook pages to help spread their business message, this app is a great option and it is free.

To get more information on the Facebook Pages App, click here.

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