This is Taha Kapadia and I am a Web Developer & Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) at

Taha Kapadia - Self Storage Website Developer

Taha Kapadia – USstoragesearch Developer as UNO Poster Boy for MIS

I did my Masters from University of Nebraska, Omaha in Management Information System (MIS).   I completed my under graduate studies in Computer Science from a private university in India. Nothing gives me more pleasure than making something out of nothing. I truly believe that nothing is impossible in this world; if one gives his/her best shot then everything is possible. Even when the results are far from my ideal expectation, I find the whole ceremony of creativity completely enthralling.  I am self-motivated, results oriented, have a strong work ethic individual, who  always looks forward to learn new things.

I started working as at more than two years ago.   It has been a rewarding and fruitful experience for me. My role in the company extends to being a supervisor of the SEO team guiding and leading them to produce the desirable output to enhance the company’s profit and success.


Editor’s Note:  The picture above was not supplied by Taha but we had to include it here.  This is Taha as the new “poster boy” for the MIS department at UNO and can be found plastered all over campus.

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