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Earlier this week I was surfing the web and happen to come across a very interesting article called “Balancing pay-per-click and SEO efforts” by Stephan Spencer. The article went into great detail about the interaction between organic search and paid search. This article discusses different routes to take and things to consider when putting together your online efforts. For smaller businesses who are trying to make their sites get noticed online, this is an important topic to spend time investigating.

There are some companies that keep their efforts in only search engine optimization (SEO) while others see benefits in only using Pay-Per-Click (PPC). However, many opt to use both. Both routes have can have significant impact if used properly. The keyword in the last sentence is “properly.”  One reason is because one effort can negatively impact the other if you aren’t careful. Why? Essentially efforts can cancel each other out. It’d be like eating 3,000 calories a day of salads because you’re trying to lose weight and you hear salads are healthy. Yes, salads can be healthy, but they’re only beneficial when used as part of a balanced diet.

Spencer notes a few ways in which PPC and SEO can impact each other, but here are two that will most likely impact a smaller business’s online efforts:

1)     Organic listings are more likely to benefit you and receive more attention than PPC when the top premium ad spots are limited or non-existent.

2)     If you’re company is fortunate enough to rank well naturally, using a PPC route won’t help you.

While it might seem like a logical choice to only take one route, like with most things in life, finding a good balance of the two is a more solid option. There are several ways to balance your efforts to ensure that you aren’t hurting yourself in the long run when you’re only trying to help your business succeed.

Major companies can afford to sink lots of money into both routes. Unfortunately, we all don’t have that luxury. Start small with both efforts. Work on your organic SEO (in ways that Google will now recognize since it gets more complicated everyday) and try to find money in your budget for PPC. Blogging, videos, and working with companies who can help you optimize your website are great first steps into increasing your SEO potential. Working with consultants can help you to make sure you aren’t hurting your business with any of your online efforts of improvement. Spencer’s article is a great place to start if you’re looking to learn more about how to increase your business’s online standings.




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