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Last month, I posted a blog suggesting you use the popular New Year’s resolution marketing for your self storage business. In that post, that you can find here, I mentioned that this was a three-part process. Hopefully you already got part 1 under way and have seen a little response. Now it is time to tackle part two: finding ways to show people how to use storage to achieve their New Year’s resolution success that they desire. Here are a few possible routes you can take:

“Get More Organized” is a big New Year’s resolution for many. Make sure renting from your storage facility is how they achieve this goal.

Social Media to Share Tips

If you follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts, you’ll see that we believe in sharing knowledge of this sort. Using social media platforms to share tips is quick and easy. Just a simple 120 character sentence giving a storage tip like “Organizing tip: purge a room of clutter when trying to organize it. Put those extra items in a #storage unit,” is all you need. Now, take that idea and expand it a little bit for your Facebook and other accounts that don’t have a pesky character limit. That one tip can be adapted to Facebook like this: “Trying to organize a room to achieve your “have an organized home” New Year’s resolution? The first step is to empty a room as much as possible! A storage unit is a great way to achieve this goal without having to toss many of your possessions that you just might not have room for.” Then just include a link to page. It’s that simple.

Place Inexpensive Ads in Local Areas

I’m a huge fan of supporting newspapers (perhaps my Journalism concentration and years on a staff makes me biased) and using print ad. Despite what you might think, print advertising does have a place in marketing campaigns these days. A small advertisement in a college paper showing a kid with a crowded dorm room failing to study because of his/her junk is in the way a great little attention getting image that might encourage a student to get a storage locker that is close to campus. High school newspapers might be written with an intended audience of the students, but far too often only teachers and parents read them–which is PERFECT for you since a parent or teacher is more likely to rent a storage unit than a high school kid is–so consider a small advertisement in a high school paper that focuses on the idea of reducing clutter to increase productivity.

Demonstrate Genuine Storage Benefits

There is bound to be somebody somewhere that you know that is in need of some extra storage space. Talk that person into letting you do a quick blog or vlog about their storage efforts. Show how Susie was able to turn her home closet into an organized masterpiece after renting out a storage locker for her seasonal items. Show how Thomas made room for his home gym after putting his many, many sports collectibles in a safe, climate-controlled storage unit. These blogs and vlogs can be shared on your social media platforms and can generate great search engine optimization value if your tag and promote them properly. The power of suggestion in these simple videos should have a pretty good impact on your potential customer (think about the success of shows like Clean Sweep or even Love it or List it where they show how other people improve their homes. People love those shows and you can play off of that same idea when marketing your “stick with your resolutions” campaign. This might take a little time to find a willing participant and you’d probably have to give a pretty good discount on a unit to have the person become willing to share their story, but that’s okay. Putting time into a quality project isn’t a bad choice.

I’ve just shared with you three ways to tap into people’s desire to stick with their New Year’s resolutions of “getting organized” and/or “clearing out clutter”. Share some simple tips and remind people that they can still have an organized home AND keep all of their stuff–as long as they store their stuff in a storage unit. You know your facility can provide people with many benefits so now go out and remind them of that.



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