By Mike Jones, VP of Operations,

Google Analytics has become the most widely used website statistic service.  This product has many easy to use tools and features to make analyzing traffic to your website easier than ever. From the results of these Google products, you can glean valuable information that can help you focus your online business efforts and help make sure you’re using your time and money most efficiently.

Content Analytics

Content Analytics helps you find out what content in your website is being viewed the most and also the least. Each report will show you exactly how much a person visits your website, how long they end up viewing the website, and how often they convert to a different site. This information will help you ascertain what customers find to be most valuable so you can focus your efforts on more valuable sections of your site.

Find out more about Content Analytics here.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile devices have advanced greatly over the years and now so many of them have access to the Internet. If a user visits your website via smart phone or mobile device, Mobile Analytics shows you what device a visit was made from and the location of the mobile device. Also if you have a mobile app, Mobile Analytics measures the performance of your app and how effective it is to users.

Find out more about Mobile Analytics here.

Conversion Analytics

The Google Analytics Conversion Suite is a great tool for any business working with multiple marketing channels. This suite measure sales, downloads, video plays, and several other items that you find important. Now you can get a much clearer look at how visitors turn into customers. This kind of information can greatly help you focus your efforts into more profitable areas.

Find out more about Conversion Analytics here.

Social Analytics

Social media has quickly grown into the business world. Google Analytics creates Social Sources reports to help you measure social media’s impact on your business goals. The report includes information about which social media platforms are gaining you the most visits, what the visitors are sharing, and also see where they are sharing it. With so many ways to use social media these days, finding ways to save time and energy in this constantly evolving area is so beneficial. Also, it can help you see which kinds of messages work best with your particular market.

Find out more about Social Analytics here.

Advertising Analytics

Advertising Analytics is a tool that measures your advertising campaigns to see how effective they are with visitors. All of your digital channels whether they are search, display, social, affiliate, or email are looked at to see which avenue customers respond to and how. Again, the more information you have about the behaviors of your customers, the more you can aim your money, time, and effort towards the most beneficial areas for your particular business.

Find out more about Advertising Analytics here.

Google Analytics offers so much more than what I’ve shared in this basic overview. Using all of this quality information can help keep you from wasting money on online efforts that aren’t working. The results of some of these studies can be fascinating. There are many, many different options to promote your business online and using Google Analytics will help you know which options are the most cost effective and worth your time. Try some of the options available for you so you can focus and fine tune your efforts. 

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