This is part 3 of a 3-part blog series by Nick Bilava as a follow up to his presentation at the Texas Self Storage Association annual tradeshow  in San Antonio. Yesterday, Nick shared some of the unique features of this site and explained how your business can use them. Today, he takes a look at some successful G+ Pages and tells what we can learn from them.

By Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing at

Google+ Pages Success Stories—and what we can learn from them

What do NASA, a fashion company, superheroes, restaurant critics, and a late-night TV show host all have in common? If you read the title of this section, you probably guessed right. The answer is: Google+ success stories. Even though all of these entities are incredibly different, they are all still using the same resource to connect with people online and to build their presence. They are using the unique features of Google+ to be successful.

Marvel Comics:

Most of us know the Marvel brand. We have seen the Hollywood hits and have read the comics growing up. Marvel is doing on Google+ what they have been doing for years at Comic Con events– connecting the comic book stories and artists to the fans. With live blog Hangout sessions, comic book fans all over the world can connect with the designers, artists, and storyboard writers of Marvel. Interactive blog chat makes it a cinch for fans to ask questions and hear feedback from the artists in real time.


Zagat, a sister company of Google, is a restaurant rating and review web site. Their Google+ Page offers exclusive video tours of new and up-and-coming restaurants, special event invitations, and live blog Hangout sessions with Master Chefs from around the world. Their Google+ followers are meant to feel like one of the main players of a large foodie community. Yum!


Science aficionados and non-aficionados alike can enjoy NASA’s Google+ Page. The NASA Google+ Page invites viewers to see daily updates and pictures from the Mars Rover and the Voyager’s awe inspiring discoveries. Site visitors can check out and follow the exclusive videos from the International Space Station crew. Google+ events allow followers to say Happy Holidays via Hangout to all the crew. Google+ and NASA make it easier than ever to bring space exploration to the classroom with this unique page.


The Google+ template is perfect for fashion line branding and H&M has found success with Google because their demographic are nearly the same– young, working professionals. H&M’s Google+ Page offers fashion tips and tricks as well as style guides, which they use as daily anchor topics to reel in the +1’s and comments. They also offer Google+ exclusives like seasonal fashion line sneak peeks and celebrity behind the scenes photo shoots to hook Google+ users.

Team Coco:

Conan O’Brian’s Team Coco Google+ fan Page site keeps users engaged with consistent with daily videos from the post nightly show. Team Coco’s applied success on Google+ is in large part due to the visual content. Conan’s social media team keeps content fresh and witty, and every status update has a visual approach, either by video content or pictorials.

Even though Google+ is the brain child of Google, it isn’t exactly a true rival to Facebook or Twitter (yet), it is still a good product and is used by millions of people every day. The driving force behind Google+ isn’t as much about sharing personal details with the world like the other social media outlets are, but instead it is a way to learn about businesses and share information with strangers in a unique fashion. The businesses and organizations that are jumping on Google+ and using it properly are reaping the exposure, SEO, and interaction benefits that others are missing out on right now. Create a Google+ Page now for your business if you haven’t already. That way, the next time somebody says, “I don’t know; Google it,” your business might just pop up as their perfect solution.

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