Wine Storage

Wine storage is one of the newest sensations in self storage. Whether you are an avid wine collector who is running out of room in your own wine cellar or just getting started, we know that quality storage for wine is very important. Wine Storage Things like temperature and wine storage humidity control are very important things to consider in a looking for a wine storage unit. Your wine collection is a huge investment. Make sure that the wine storage facility you choose meets all of the conditions you need. Do they provide adequate temperature and humidity control in their wine storage units? Do they provide adequate security and protection for your wine investment? Do they offer insurance for the wine you store in their units? Be sure to look into all of these details when choosing a wine self storage facility. Many facilities offer specialized packages depending on the size of your wine collection and the length of time you will be storing. Some facilities specialize in wine storage have built custom wine cellars and wine storage cabinets to meet the needs of their unique clientele.

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How to Store Wine:

Storing wine isn’t hard, but does take some expertise. The main thing to keep in mind when storing wine is, of course, avoid light and heat, as well as vibration. There are other things to remember, though, such as the different storage methods required for different types of wine, and it is vital to be as careful as possible whenever considering how to store your particular bottle of wine.

A few important things to remember when storing wine are to 1) keep it dark because UV rays can ruin the wine, 2) store corked wine bottles on their sides to avoid air getting into the wine, 3) keep the temperature constant and never above 75 degrees fahrenheit which is the temperature at which wine begins to oxidize, 4) keep vibrations to a minimum by trying not to move the wine too much and, 5) keep the humidity high at around 70% to keep the cork from drying and minimize evaporations.