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Consumer advice and information to help you find the right storage unit to protect your valuable belongings. We know all the in’s and out’s of self storage, mini storage and mobile storage – it’s time for us to share and help!

Following the Boomtown

When you’re hot, you’re hot. There are numerous states throughout the United States that are hot right now, and no, I’m not just talking about the summer’s brutal temperatures. According to the World Economic Forum, states like Texas, South Carolina, and Oregon are going through a big influx in population thanks in part...
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Safe Wine Storage for Your Sauvignon Bottles

Even though studies have shown millennials are consuming a great deal of wine compared to other generations, wine storage is something that many people still want and need. Whether you own a restaurant and need to keep your extra inventory safe or you just have a lovely collection of your own, having somewhere...
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Make Boat Life Better with Storage

Living on a boat isn’t only for the rich and famous. After living on the coast, it amazes me how many people I meet who give a marina as their address! Yes, some people live on luxurious, ultra-fabulous yachts, but the vast majority of the folks I know have a cute, little craft...
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Consider Short Term Storage Leases

An unsung hero of the self storage industry is the fact that most facilities offer short term storage leases. Thanks to reality television, a lot of people have a skewed connotation of what a self storage unit can be used for these days. Big lockers with an entire household’s items that sits for months on end...
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Self Storage for Startup Businesses

Bonding over a mutual love of self storage is something that doesn’t often happen outside of others in the storage industry, but it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. I was meeting with man about having a pool installed and how he knew his business was taking off after his...
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Mini Storage for Small Business

When bad things happen, it seems like everybody suddenly has an idea on how said bad thing could’ve been prevented. For example, a pipe burst due to freezing temperatures not to long ago at a business my sister works at and nearly all of their archived records were destroyed. If the pipe had burst a...
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