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Finding Storage in Cordova, TN

How do I know which Cordova storage facility location is right for me?

If you enter your location information on our homepage at, you can find all the convenient locations in your area. We make it simple for you to find everything you are looking for in a Cordova storage unit with our advanced search options. You can choose among the available storage lockers in Cordova  by looking at additional features like unit size, drive-up access, climate control, security features, and unit price.

If I'm unfamiliar with the Cordova area, can I see what's around each facility?

Of course! By clicking on a particular Cordova storage facility after entering your location information on our homepage, you will be able to view two maps. The satellite map will allow you to zoom right up to the facility allowing you to see what is in the immediate vicinity. It never hurts to know your surroundings when it comes to storage.

How do leases work?

The majority of facilities offer month-to-month rental agreements. Whether you need storage for a short or long period of time, month-to-month leases save you from getting into a long-term contract. If you are moving or remodeling your home, this allows you to stay for as long as needed without paying for storage longer than you will use it. Plans can change at a moment's notice, so make it easy on yourself and find a facility that offers month-to-month leasing agreements.

Can I insure my belongings?

Yes, the majority of featured Cordova storage facilities require insurance for your possessions. For more information on insurance plans and options, contact your desired Cordova self storage location. They will be happy to assist you.

I'm not sure what size unit I should reserve, any suggestions?

At, you can view the Size Estimator Tool, which will help you find the right size storage unit for your needs. Don't forget, you can always call your desired Cordova self storage facility for further assistance. You may want a larger unit, like a 10x20 or a 10x30, to store the contents of a whole home, or if you have the furnishings of one room, you will want to look at either a 5x5 or 5x10 unit.

What security features should I look for?

All of the featured Cordova self storage facilities offer security amenities. Video surveillance, on-site management, and electronic gate access are just a few helpful security features available in Cordova mini storage facilities. If you are looking for extra security, consider renting an alarmed storage unit.

If I get a drive-up access unit, what all does that come with?

Drive-up access allows you to drive right up to your unit. The storage locker will have an outdoor entrance for loading and unloading your belongings. Drive-up access is a great feature because it allows you to come and go with ease. If you have large or heavy items, drive-up access makes it easy to store them without having to walk a great distance.

What is Portable/Mobile Storage?

Portable Storage, also known as Mobile Storage, allows the storage unit to come to you at your desired location. You can keep it with you, have it sent to a new destination, or have it sent back to the facility. Portable Storage is a great feature if you don't like driving to get your belongings or you want to have your items with you, close at hand. For more information on Portable Storage, click on the Mobile Storage tab on your desired storage facility homepage on

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