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Finding Storage in Honolulu, HI

In the area below is a comprehensive list of self storage facilitiesthat are available in the area of Honolulu, Hawaii. If you find one you areinterested in, all of their contact information including phone and address areright there for your convenience. Also listed are many of the great featuresthat these facilities have to help you determine which facility is right foryou.

All of the great things that Honolulu has to offer areeasily accessible from all of the self storage facilities within the city. Thebeach, incredible restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, and more areall a quick drive from wherever you are. The beach has to be the best optionout of any of these and won’t be hard to find no matter where you are at.

For those looking for a storage unit right off the coast, StorSecureSelf Storage is a great option in the east part of town. StorSecure is rightoff of Kalanianaole Highway with the exact address of 6800 KalanianaoleHighway. This is an awesome location for water lovers as it is right in betweenKuapa Pond and the ocean. A day on the water can make anyone hungry so you canhead right over to Teddy’s Bigger Burgers which is just down the road fromStorSecure.

Honolulu has a lot to offer so maybe you are looking forsomething more centrally located in this Hawaiian city. StorQuest Self Storage,located at 1414 Kalakaua Avenue, fits this description and has some greatfeatures for those in the area. Boat storage is a huge bonus at this facilityfor many in Honolulu. With the amazing boating opportunities that are availablein Honolulu, finding a facility with great boat storage has its benefits. Forthose using boat storage, Navtech Marine Electronics can help you out with anyof your boating needs.

Need something on the west side of Honolulu? There are somegreat storage units available on the west side of town and are near theHonolulu International Airport. One facility in this area is Hawaii SelfStorage which is located at 808 Ahua Street. Hawaii Self Storage has someincredible features including business friendly options such as a businesscenter.

For those in Honolulu, visiting the USS Arizona MemorialMonument is a very awe inspiring attraction that allows you to take in a majorpart in American history. You will learn an incredible amount and will be ableto reflect on the tragic historical events that happened in Pear Harbor whilepaying respect to the people that died in the incident. This is a uniqueexperience to Honolulu that draws thousands of visitors every year.

If you want to get out and learn something new, HawaiianSurf Adventures will teach you how to surf. Surfing is a popular activity inthe area and learning the art is fun and well worth it. You can catch some sunand enjoy the beautiful ocean.

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