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Finding Storage in Indianapolis, IN

Renting Mini Storage in Indianapolis, Indiana
Renting the perfect Indianapolis mini storage unit is faster and easier than you might think. From this one site, you can browse and compare 45 Indianapolis storage facilities quickly and simply. You’ll be able to track down the perfect space for your specific situation. If you have any questions, call our helpful call center and our techs will be able to assist you. 
Hospitality is the name of the game in Indiana and the capital city of Indianapolis is a shining example of that. This city might be well known for its reputation for fast cars sports legends, but there’s much more to it than that. People are flocking to this city for its cultural scene, trendy neighborhoods, and expanding brewing. Renting out an Indy storage unit can help give you more time to find that perfect place to live while enjoying your new city. 
Moving to Indianapolis
With a population of nearly 2 million people, this decently large city gives you more of small town vibes; perhaps that is why it recently ranks in the top 100 cities to live in by major authorities. Sports fans can hardly catch their breath trying to keep up with all of the action here. The Indianapolis Colts, numerous top notch college sports programs, and scads of professional auto racing events provides fun times for anyone with a competitive edge. For those less into competition, the easily walkable downtown area, amazing restaurants, and cultural arts scene are a big draw.
When relocating to this part of the country it can be tricky to figure out which part of the city feels right to you. Take your time and expand your horizons by taking advantage of the benefits of a cheap Indiana storage unit. Renting a unit can give you a safe place to harbor away your valuables while you test the waters of the city. These units can also give you that extra closet space that your new downtown loft might not be able to provide. 
Storage amenities to think about when moving to Indianapolis:
24-Hour Access: With everybody have such busy lives these days, consider renting a unit that allows you to access your things anytime of the day and any day of the week. This is perfect for people who need a little extra flexibility and a bit of extra room.
Indianapolis Car Storage: Protect your vehicle from the elements. Renting a convenient Indianapolis car storage unit is cheap and easy. What city knows the importance of car care like this one?
Mobile storage containers: Using a portable storage container gives you a lot of flexibility. This is ideal for businesses and individuals alike. You can have prime access to your things as well as have the option to have that unit shipped elsewhere or stored remotely. 
Living in Downtown Indianapolis
If you want a class four-seasons-a-year life, then this city is the one for you. You’ll be able to experience a classic, crisp winter and enjoy warm, sunny summers. With a diverse selection of living opportunities, those who like an urban loft feel and those who need a little more space can both find something they love. Strolls along the Canal Walk or through White River State Park will be ideal no matter the time of year. For the youngsters, Indianapolis is home to one of the largest children’s museums.
Since this is such a desirable area, the price per square foot for a home can creep up quickly. That’s alright though because the price per square foot of an Indianapolis storage unit is not! You can have the closet space or room to store your recreational vehicle in a convenient location. Storage facilities are peppered throughout the city and the surrounding areas to help make access convenient no matter where you live.
Storage features to consider when living downtown:
Drive-Up Access: If you’re going to be hauling large, heavy pieces of furniture, consider renting a unit that you can pull a car or truck right up to for easy loading and unloading. 
Unit Size: Finding space for your vintage wine collection, space consuming hobby, or even a car is not a problem. You don’t need to worry about paying for space that you don’t need because a wide range of sizes are available. 
Car Storage: Indianapolis is known for being a car enthusiast's dream. Be sure to protect your car, even if it isn’t a race car, by putting it in a fully enclosed storage unit. If you don’t need something that extensive, there are convenient spots in lots ready for you!
College Storage
With Purdue and Butler starting off the list of Indianapolis colleges, a high demand is in effect for college storage. This smart city overflows with students from many area schools. If you or somebody you love is one of those successful students, consider making life a little easier for the scholar by renting out a storage unit. Between semesters, students can keep their college gear near campus instead of having to haul it all the way home. Also, dorm rooms or cheap apartments don’t often have enough space; renting a conveniently located storage unit can be just the extra bit of room that is needed. 
Storage features to consider for Indiana college storage:
Student Deals: Ask owners about special student rates. Some facilities offer student discounts while other might offer different deals at different times. Be on the lookout for back-to-school sales or March Madness discounts.
Convenient Location: Indianapolis storage facilities are easy to get to because they are spread out throughout the city. Even if the student in your life doesn’t have a car, odds are a storage unit is still a cheap and convenient option.
Month-to-month leases: If you just need a unit for the summer or a short time, many facilities offer month-to-month leases. Picking a major can be the biggest commitment you make if you get set with a short term lease opportunity.
Indianapolis Vehicle Storage
Indianapolis’s IndyGo is a great option for public transportation, but having your own vehicle gives you a lot of freedom! If your apartment doesn’t have convenient parking, consider a storage facility. Indiana car storage can give you a safe place to keep your vehicle tucked away until you’re ready to hit the open road. 
If you have a watercraft, opportunities for storage are available as well. Many HOAs do not allow you to keep a boat or personal watercraft at home; that’s no problem when you rent a safe space to keep it.
For the car collector in your family, renting a quality unit for your numbers-matching vehicle is simple. You can keep your cruiser safe from the damaging effects of the weather.
When it comes to Indiana vehicle storage, you have a few options:
Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and offers no protection from the elements.
Covered storage is slightly more expensive and provides some shelter from the elements.
Indoor storage is the most expensive option and provides complete protection from the elements.
Storage features to consider with Indianapolis auto storage:
Daily Access: When storing your vintage vehicle, you don’t want to worry about access hours. You want to him the open road or get to a car show on your own time. Find out what the hours are or if 24-hour access is an option.
Climate Control: Indiana weather is normally lovely, but when it isn’t, it can be horrible. The extreme heat, storms, and sun aren’t good for a car. This storage amenity keeps your unit at a temperature between 55-85°F with low humidity to prevent rust and mechanical damages that can drive down the value of your car.
Boat/RV Storage: If you own a watercraft or RV that sits on the sidelines much of the time, Indianapolis car storage can also help you there, as some facilities will offer boat and RV storage.
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