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Finding Storage in Apple Valley, CA

Incorporated on November 14th, 1988, Apple Valley, California, is one of only a few places in California that uses “Town” instead of “City”. The official name of the town is “Town of Apple Valley”. The town became a popular spot for people to stop and stay before continuing their travels. Apple Valley became a popular residential area when the industry was found in the apple orchards; in 1949 the town was named after the thing that helped it grow. Sadly the last of the apple orchards that made the town famous disappeared before the post office even changed its name. Apple Valley is proud of its history and culture, and that makes it a unique and charming place to be! is proud to have many Apple Valley self storage facilities in its network. As you can see from the list below, there are many quality facilities for you to choose from right now! You can find a variety of Apple Valley storage units to choose from to help meet your specific needs.

This list has been organized with you in mind. The list is organized so that the closest facilities to your desired location are listed first. Many people find that location is a key determining factor and having this format can help make your choice even easier. 

When  you click on the links below, you will quickly see a lot of information that will help you make your choice for Apple Valley mini storage. Basic information for each Apple Valley facility can be gleaned at a glance. Access hours, address, contact information, and a map of each facility can be found. Specifics for each Apple Valley self storage facility can be found as well.

Each link will list for you the current specials and offers that are posted. You can also see what sizing choices that particular facility offers. Aside from varying sizes, each facility offers its own set of amenities. You can find detailed information about both factors from the Apple Valley storage links below. In some cases, you can also see pictures of the specific facility so you can get a better understanding of your potential facility.

Aside from traditional Apple Valley mini storage, you can find forms of specialty self storage. One popular form of storage is Apple Valley mobile storage. Mobile storage containers give customers the space they want with added conveniences and more flexibility. Costs tend to be higher for this option, but there are many bonuses that come along with it! Having onsite self storage is a huge benefit for private citizens and businesses alike.

Apple Valley business storage is an option as well. No matter what size your business might be, you should look into Apple Valley business storage. Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere that has more organization, more space, and more freedom?

Browse through all of the options you see below. Click on the links and carefully consider which Apple Valley storage solution might work the best for you and your storage situation.


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