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Finding Storage in Jacksonville, FL

Find self storage in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL, is not only the most populated city in Florida, but it’s also the largest city area in the country. People relocate to or live in Jacksonville for relatively low cost of living, year-long beach weather, proximity to other major cities like Orlando, and its culture of art that steeped in jazz and blues—and this doesn’t even include the winter snowbirds. And one great way to enjoy your time in Jacksonville even more is by saving money and maximizing your living space with self storage

Whether it’s boating in Lake Okeechobee or the nearby Atlantic, setting up shop for the Riverside Arts Market, or perhaps moving into popular neighborhoods like Northside and San Marco, Jacksonville self storage be a major benefit.

How to find the best Jacksonville storage facility

To find the perfect storage unit in Jacksonville, you need to take account of your individual storage needs are. Many people start with which sized storage unit they may need. For instance, if you’re wanting to get the most use out of your Riverside apartment, you may only need a 5x5 storage unit in Jacksonville, which is comparable to an additional walk-in closet. However, if you need to store your boat in between outings to Lake Placid or St. Johns River, you may need a larger 10x20 unit or event boat storage in Jacksonville.

Other considerations for Jacksonville self storage include:

Many self storage users assume it's best to find a Jacksonville storage facility nearest to them, but that may not always be the case. For instance, if you’re storing items you may only need once a year, you can save money by finding a storage facility further away on the outskirts of town. Or if you and your friends need to stash your surfboards, it may be more convenient to find a Jacksonville storage facility near the beach.

Are you storing expensive or highly personal valuables? If that’s the case, find a storage facility in Jacksonville with strong security features such as electronic gate access, which requires a key-code to enter the facility, as well as video surveillance and even onsite management to help reduce the risk any loss through theft or vandalism.

RV and Boat Storage:
Are you a snowbird waiting out the winter months up north? Or perhaps you just need a keep your boat dry. Either way, Jacksonville RV and boat storage can be a great solution to finding a place to store these larger toys. This kind of storage can come in the form or larger outdoor parking spaces, covered parking, or even fully enclosed storage units with drive up access, which allows you to bring your vehicle directly up to (or even in) the storage unit.

Climate control:
While the weather is ideal for year-round beaching going, the hot and humid summers can wreak havoc on sensitive materials by warping wooden furniture, promoting mildew growth in fabrics, and even frying electronics. Find a Jacksonville storage facility with the climate control feature to prevent such damage as this feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level inside your storage unit.

Rent your Jacksonville storage unit today

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