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Finding Storage in Albuquerque, NM

Find a storage facility in Albuquerque, NM

Are you one of the many people who live, work, and play in Albuquerque, NM? With year-round warm weather, sitting at the heart of New Mexico Technology Corridor, and even a military presence with Kirtland Air Force Base, it’s no surprise more than half a million people call Albuquerque home.

But with so much going on, space can come at a premium. Thankfully, there’s Albuquerque self storage. Finding a storage facility in Albuquerque can help in any situation—from maximizing your living space in your Nob Hill apartment, helping while you relocate to Bear Canyon, to even parking your RV when snowbirding over the winter.

How to find the best Albuquerque self storage

The key to finding the perfect Albuquerque storage facility for your situation is taking a detailed account of your items and knowing what features you need for them. For instance, are you storing just a few boxes of seasonal decorations? Then a small 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit will do the trick. However, if you’re storing the inventory for your Downtown Albuquerque business, a larger 10x20 or 10x30 will better accommodate your needs.

Other considerations include: Security: For most Albuquerque self storage renters, especially first-time users, security can be a concern. You want your costly or personally valuable items protected, and you can do so with some key security features. For instance, find an Albuquerque storage facility with electronic gate access, which requires a keycode to enter the building. You can also find other features such as video surveillance and even onsite management. Climate control: While many enjoy the dry heat of Albuquerque, the heat is still heat, and it can damage temperature sensitive items and materials such as plastics and even electronics. Find an Albuquerque storage unit with climate control. This feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level within the unit, protecting it from any heat-related damage. RV storage: Whether it’s RV, boat, or even auto storage, there’s an Albuquerque storage facility that can help. Such storage can come in three forms: outdoor parking, which is the cheapest, the mid-priced awning or covered outdoor parking, or the completely enclosed parking. Short-term and military storage: Many times, military members need to temporarily use storage facilities while on deployment. Many storage facilities in Albuquerque offer short-term leasing, so you can only pay for the time you need—and you may even get a military discount.

Rent your Albuquerque storage unit today

Once you’ve determined your needs and the right features, you can start and complete your search for the best Albuquerque storage unit right here with us. Use our huge online directories and powerful filters to hone in on the best facility by price, location, features, and more—and you can always call in to our friendly storage representatives if you need further assistance.

Then, once you’ve found the best storage unit, you can reserve it directly online with us. Thanks for for all your Albuquerque self storage needs.

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