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Finding Storage in Brooklyn, NY

Finding self storage in Brooklyn, NY

As one of the five boroughs of the most populated city in the United States, Brooklyn is undoubtedly full of people—and for good reason. Unlike the bustling nearby Manhattan, Brooklynites enjoy a relatively quieter, friendlier way of life, but that doesn’t mean space can be hard to come by.

And while there are great and affordable communities such as Flatbush or Bay Ridge, a nearby Brooklyn storage facility can help you get more use out of your current living space without a heavy cost of upgrading to a larger home or apartment.

How to find the best storage unit in Brooklyn, NY

There’s a perfect storage unit in Brooklyn for every self storage need, so the key to finding the best fit for you is to take stock of what you’re looking to store and going from there. A great place to start is determining which sized storage unit you’ll need. For instance, if you want to reclaim a closet in your Bed-Stuy apartment, then you’ll likely only need a 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit in Brooklyn. These unit sizes are comparable to walk-in closet at home. However, those storing all of their belongings as they relocate into Sunset Park may need a larger 10x20 or even by 10x30 Brooklyn storage unit, which are more suited for larger quantities and items.

Other questions to ask when using Brooklyn self storage include:

Am I storing something valuable? There is often a sense of risk when using a storage unit, especially when storing something of high financial or personal value. However, finding a Brooklyn storage facility with strong security features can help. Find a storage facility in Brooklyn with features such as electronic gate access, which restricts who can enter the facility, as well as video surveillance and onsite management to help prevent any loss through theft or vandalism.

Are my items sensitive to the elements? Brooklyn experiences seasonal weather, which includes hot, humid summers and cold winters. These temperature fluctuations can harm certain items such as wood, electronics, and even fabrics over time. To prevent weather-related damage, find a Brooklyn storage facility with climate controlled units. This feature maintains a constant temperature and humidity level that preserves your items.

Will I need these items often or quickly? A big reason people in Brooklyn use self storage is to maximize living space, and while that means storing some belongings off-site, you may still need those items at a moment’s notice. Find a Brooklyn storage facility with 24-hour access, which allows you to get to your storage unit on your time without the restriction of regular business hours.

Reserve your Brooklyn storage unit today

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