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Finding Storage in Dallas, TX Self Storage

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Booking an ideal Dallas storage unit is as easy as finding a good barbecue restaurant in this bustling city. compiled a list of over 80 Dallas self storage facilities for your convenience. From this site, you can find a location near you, compare amenities, and even book your perfect unit! For a one-stop-shop for Dallas storage, has you covered.


Dallas is the place to be for more and more people. With the demand for homes and residential space so high, the prices for space tend to go up as well. Renting a Dallas storage locker is far easier than purchasing or renting a larger office space or home. Whether you’re a student, downsizing, moving, or looking for Dallas business storage, can help.

Moving to Dallas

With nine distinct neighborhoods in Dallas to chose from, you should certainly be able to nail down the right place for you. For a diehard Cowboys fan, perhaps you’ll want to reside in the far west side of town. For the super foodie, you might want to look into a plane up north. If you’re feeling a little more John Wayne these days, southeast Dallas should be right up your alley.

After picking your perfect district, think about the style of home you want. Lofts, single-family homes, and even ranches are all possible in Dallas. Since everything is bigger in Texas, shouldn’t the variety of homes be bigger as well? However, even though there is a large variety, it doesn’t mean that the residences themselves are that big. Have no fear because there are numerous Dallas self storage facilities peppered throughout this city to help give you just the extra room you require.

Storage amenities to think about when moving to Dallas: Drive-Up Storage Units: What could be more convenient than driving-right up to your Dallas storage locker? Moving large pieces of furniture is a breeze with a hand truck since you are only having to move a piece a few feet. Loading, unloading, and simply everyday access to your unit is easier when you can pull along your unit. Dallas Business Storage: If you’re moving to the Lone Star state for business purposes, having a great storage option for all of your records, inventory, or equipment can the transition easier. Many of these facilities have delivery acceptance, climate-controlled features, and 24-hour access. Portable storage containers:  If space allows, opt for a handy Dallas storage container. When you rent a storage container, your self storage space can be right outside of your own door! This option is perfect for residential or commercial use.

Living in Downtown Dallas

“Diverse Digs” could be slogan for this fantastic city. A huge variety of entertaining, exciting, and informative options are nestled throughout this city. You can work, play, and live all in the same area and never feel bored. You can spend your evenings after work at a different restaurant, theatre, or bar every night. On the weekends, you can explore the Dallas Zoo or the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. One simply cannot talk about Dallas without mentioning the world-class sports teams that call this city “home.” The Mavericks, Cowboys, Rangers, and Stars are a few of the teams that make this city proud. If motorsports are more your thing, you’ll find yourself spending time at Texas Motor Speedway.

With so many things to do downtown, obviously it is a desirable location to live. Being able to take public transit to and from work or to a great show or event is handy. Sometimes, however, you’ll have to sacrifice square footage for convenience. With Dallas storage options so conveniently located, you won’t have a to skip a beat! You can pop in and out of your Texas storage facility easily to have access to your items that just won’t fit in your chic apartment.

Storage features to consider when living downtown: 24-Hour Access: With so many exciting activities to enjoy, who wants to worry about access hours? Think about renting a Dallas storage locker that allows you entrance to your unit any time of the day our night. Unit Size: Even though everything is bigger in Texas, you don’t always need a giant storage unit. You can pick from options that start at 5x5 and go all the way up to a 10x30. Car Storage: Dallas car storage is handy for several different scenarios. Many downtown residents don’t drive everyday but aren’t quite ready to let go of the independence that a car offers. Keep your car safeguarded away in a protected facility instead of in a city parking spot. If you are leaving town for an extended time, have a collector car you need to protect, or just need a place to park an RV, consider a Texas vehicle storage option.

College Storage

Throughout the metro Dallas area great schools educate the youth of America. Even though this area isn’t necessarily thought of as as a true college town, perhaps it should be! With students throughout the city contributing to the culture of the area, students are a more vital part of the area than most are even away of typically.

If you are one of those students, look into renting a Dallas college storage unit. There’s no need to take your books, bedding, and class gear with you in between semesters. Leave those items, and that previous semester, behind! A variety of options are available to help meet your needs.

Storage features to consider for Texas college storage: Student Deals: When you find a facility that you like, ask about student discounts. With proof of your student status, a Dallas storage facility might give you a reduced price or offer special deals. Rates and deals will vary, so be sure to inquire so you don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity. Convenient Location: With so many facilities located throughout the area, you should be able to find something near you! A close-by unit will help make loading and unloading easier. It might even be so convenient that you decide to free up some space in your dorm room and keep that secure Dallas storage locker all year. Month-to-month leases: If you know that you’ll only be using your unit during the summer or during a semester abroad, ask about month-to-month leases. With many facilities, you don’t have to commit to any long-term plans.

Dallas Vehicle Storage

Dallas’s DART system is so convenient to use that some might find themselves not needing a car everyday. If you are one of those people, but you still want the option of driving, keep your car in a Dallas storage facility.

If you have an RV but your HOA isn’t exactly a fan, put it isn’t a storage unit. You can find large spaces for your weekend cruiser throughout the city and the surrounding areas.

The collector car market is hot in Texas, and so is the weather. Keep your classic car safe from the harsh Texas sun and extreme temperatures by putting it in a Dallas car storage space with climate control.  

When it comes to Texas vehicle storage, you have a few options: Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and offers no protection from the elements. Covered storage is slightly more expensive and provides some shelter from the elements. Indoor storage is the most expensive option and provides complete protection from the elements.

Storage features to consider with Dallas auto storage: Daily Access: When storing your vintage vehicle, you don’t want to worry about access hours. You want to him the open road or get to a car show on your own time. Find out what the hours are or if 24-hour access is an option. Climate Control: Texas weather is normally lovely, but when it isn’t, it can be horrible. The extreme heat, storms, and sun aren’t good for a car. This storage amenity keeps your unit at a temperature between 55-85°F with low humidity to prevent rust and mechanical damages that can drive down the value of your car. Boat/RV Storage: If you own a watercraft or RV that sits on the sidelines much of the time, Dallas car storage can also help you there, as some facilities will offer boat and RV storage.


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