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Finding Storage in Houston, TX

Finding Storage in Houston, Texas

Needing a self storage unit in Houston, Texas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here on, we’ve got over 150 Houston storage facilities for you to choose from and compare! Not only can you evaluate all of the amenities and locations, you can go ahead and book your Texas-sized storage unit right from this site!

Common Causes for Requiring Self Storage in Houston

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this booming area or if you’re a lifelong local of Houston, the odds are you’ll find a reason in life for renting a storage unit. Find a Houston storage unit that will help make your move, college break, or downsizing easier.

Relocating to Houston

If you haven’t found something to love about Houston, then you’ve must be looking at the wrong city! With a growing business market, top universities, fabulous art and restaurant scenes, and world-class sports teams, there is a little something for everybody. In addition to all of that, not having a personal property tax would definitely qualify as an added bonus for most people.

With a booming housing market and a diverse range of housing opportunities, surely you’ll be able to find something that meets your needs. Since there are ample options for Houston self storage throughout the area, you don’t need to worry about how much extra space your home has. You can pick having a perfect location over a walk-in closet or you can live in a downtown loft and not have to worry about where you’re going to park a car that you might not even use that often. You can find a Texas-sized storage unit with a perfect price point near your new abode.

Other than being conveniently located, consider what amenities might work best for your Houston mini storage situation.

Delivery Acceptance:  When you’re renovating or moving, sometimes you don’t want to leave your packages sitting on your front porch. Research and see which Houston storage facilities offer delivery acceptance near you.

Vehicle Storage: If you’re living downtown, many days you won’t even touch your vehicle. With urban parking prices and worries about environmental damage or vandalism, why not place your car in a secure and convenient Houston vehicle storage solution. There are a variety of options to help meet your budgetary needs.

Drive-Up Access: Instead of having to haul your items up flights of stairs or down tedious hallways, rent a Houston mini storage solution that has drive-up access. This is perfect for people storing heavy items or fragile items that shouldn’t be handled too much.

Living in Houston

There’s no place quite like this Lone Star State city. One day you can monkey around at the Houston Zoo and end with a fun concert at Miller Outdoor theatre and the next you can peruse the Museum District and explore one of the many wine bars in the area. It’s impossible to think of Houston and not have the image of a cowboy of some sort come to mind; even in the downtown life you can round up your friends and mosey over to a rodeo or two. With the Rangers, Rockets, and Texans, you can explore your competitive edge all year.

If you’re going to find fault in this area, it might be that there isn’t enough space to pack in all of that awesome! Houston mini storage helps to make your Texas home feel a little more spacious. You can keep your outdoor gear, out-of-season gameday items, or even wine collection in one of the numerous storage facilities in the area. Don’t give closet size a second thought when trying to nail down a downtown Houston home because can help you find that little extra room you require.

Storage features to consider when residing in Houston: Climate Control: It’s no secret that Houston summers are hot; hot might feel like an understatement to some. Rent a Houston storage locker that will keep your items at a relatively neutral, controlled temperature year round. Unit Size: If you’re trying to find a Houston storage solution to fit a whole household worth of items, you’ll need to rent something on the larger side like a 10x20. If you’re just wanting to clear out your closets, consider a 5x10 or save a little money with a 5x5. Texas storage facilities vary with their sizing options so be sure to ask. Storage Security: While Houston feels like a safe place to live, having extra security can give you a deeper sense of peace. Numerous storage facilities throughout the area have added security measures like 24-hour surveillance, code access only, or personal on-site seven days a week.

College Storage

Houston often gets forgotten about when thinking of college towns, but it shouldn’t be! With Rice University, the University of Houston, and Baylor College of Medicine only beginning an impressive list of area schools. With so many reputable schools in the area, the opportunity for higher education--and quality college football--is plentiful. Students in this area are privy to the best of many worlds.

Opting to use a Houston college storage space makes perfect sense for many people. If you’re an out-of-state student, hauling all of your belongings to your home state can be exhausting and expensive. Leave your items in Houston for the summer in a convenient college mini storage option. A variety of sizes, prices, and locations make renting this type of storage as easy as can be.

Here are a few notions to think about when renting Texas college storage: Student Discounts: Ask facilities about various student discounts or packages they might be offering. Houston storage facilities want to be as helpful as they can and they know money talks. Find out how much you can save when renting on and informing the facility that you are a student. Month-to-Month Leases: Don’t worry about being locked into a long-term contract. Many Texas self storage facilities have short term rental packages that cater to those still in school. Facility Location: If you find a location convenient to your dorm or apartment, you might want to consider keeping the Houston storage locker year round. Why live in a crowded dorm with many hallmates when you can safeguard your things in a nearby storage unit.

Houston Vehicle Storage

Weekend toys, collector cars, or everyday drivable cars all deserve to be kept out of elements. If you have a vehicle that isn’t being driven everyday, put it in storage. Houston vehicle storage comes in many different forms to help appease the diverse range of needs in the area. You can place your RV in a grassy lot or put your trailer queen into a climate controlled space. When using to find a Houston vehicle storage solution, you’re going to be able to easily compare and eventually book a place with great ease.

When it comes to Texas vehicle storage, you have a few options: Outdoor storage is an affordable route that leaves your vehicle exposed to the Texas weather. Covered car storage is a step up from standard outdoor storage, but heat and humidity can still be a factor. Indoor Houston car storage is the most expensive option but yields highly protective results.

Storage features to consider with Houston auto storage: Vehicle Attendance: If you’re putting your vehicle into long-term storage, you might want to think about picking a facility that will periodically start your engine and report any problems your car might be experiencing. Climate Control: For anyone storing a classic car or sports car, a Houston climate-controlled storage spot for your cruiser is something to seriously consider. This Texas storage option keeps your vehicle surrounded by temperatures between 55-85°F with low humidity. After initially investing so much, why wouldn’t you want to do what you can to ward off potential problems. Boat/RV Storage: If you own a boat or RV that you only use on the weekends, Houston vehicle storage might also be able to assist you. With so many HOAs putting restrictions on weekend toys, keep your camper and put it into safe keeping.


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