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Finding Storage in Alexandria, VA

Finding self storage in Alexandria, VA


Are you looking for a storage unit in Alexandria, VA? One of the fastest growing cities in Virginia, Alexandria is less than seven miles away from Washington D.C. and is home to thousands of people—all within in about 15 square miles. With so much going on in such a small area, space can come at a premium. Fortunately, Alexandria self storage can fix your space problems.


How to find the best storage facility in Alexandria


The key to finding the perfect Alexandria self storage is being aware of your own storage situation and knowing the right features to meet your needs. For instance, what size storage unit will you need? If you need to maximize the living space in your Del Ray or Landmark apartment, a smaller 5x5 or 5x10 storage unit in Alexandria would be like having an extra walk-in closet. On the other hand businesses in Old Town could benefit from larger 10x30 or 10x20 units for inventory or larger equipment.


Other Alexandria self storage considerations include:

 Are you storing items of a high personal or financial value? Then find a Alexandria storage facility with strong security features such as electronic gate access, which requires a keycode to enter the facility, as well as onsite management and video surveillance.

Climate control:
 A popular feature across the country is climate change, and it’s especially useful in areas like Alexandria that experience hot and humid summers. Such weather can warp wood, fry electronics, and even cause mildew growth on fabrics. A climate controlled storage unit in Alexandria maintains a constant temperature and humidity level, preventing such weather-related damages from happening.

Drive up access:
 Great for business owners or those storing heavier or larger numbers of items, a Alexandria storage unit with drive up access allows you to pull your vehicle directly to your storage unit and allows for quick and convenient pickup and drop off of items.

24-hour access:
 Whether you have a hectic schedule, run a 24-hour business, or commute to D.C. everyday, you may not always be able to get to your unit during traditional business hours. Find a storage facility in Alexandria with 24-hour access, so you can get to your stuff when you need to, regardless of the time. 


Rent your Alexandria storage unit today


Once you’ve taken account of your storage needs, you can start and end your Alexandria self storage search right here with us. Using our vast directories and powerful filters, you can hone in on your results by unit size, location, price, features, and more—and you can always call in to our friendly storage representatives should you need personal help finding the best results.


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