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Finding Storage in Vancouver, WA

Locating Storage in Vancouver, Washington is a one-stop shop for finding the perfect Vancouver storage unit for your individual needs. Use this site to help you quickly and efficiently hunt down the best deal and find a facility that offers all of the amenities you need. If you stumble across any questions throughout this process, simply give us a call any time of the day or night and we will happily help you!


“WOW” tends to be a typical reaction to Vancouver for a wide range of wonderful reasons. The natural beauty, the opportunities for a rich cultural experience, and occasions for fun make this a destination of choice for many. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city that offers such a range of things to do while maintaining a fun and friendly reputation? Vancouver’s many great neighborhoods, low taxes, and top-notch coffee culture makes it a great place to live.

When trying to pick your perfect part of the city to settle into, you might find that you need a little extra elbow room. Renting a cheap Vancouver storage unit can help solve many problems. When you’re in temporary housing, having a safe Washington storage unit to house your things is important. When you’ve tracked down that perfect downtown abode and realize it doesn’t quite have all of the space you need, renting a convenient unit in your neighborhood is just the ticket!

Moving to Vancouver

If you want a relaxed lifestyle, Vancouver is the place for you. This laidback town is known for making residents so happy that they opt for a “staycation” instead of a vacation. The great views of the Columbia River are just a bonus to this pretty space. Despite being a city, it is no concrete jungle. When living here, you’ll find ample opportunities to enjoy fresh air. Don’t let the rainy reputation scare you; the frequent drizzle rarely requires an umbrella! You’ll be able to stroll the famous Vancouver Farmers Market just fine!

Finding your ideal Vancouver abode might leaving you yearning for a little bit more room. Rest easy knowing that your displaced items are being safely kept in a cheap Washington storage unit. Whether you need temporary storage during a move, a portable storage container to ship your things, or need a permanent storage unit to supplement the square footage of your home, using a storage unit tends to be a quality solution to numerous problems.

Self storage facility features to consider when moving to Vancouver: Drive-Up Units: Even though heavy downpours don’t typically plague this part of the country, many household items cannot get even slightly wet. Drive-up storage units allow you to reduce the time your items are exposed to the elements when loading and unloading. Payment Options: Whether you prefer to pay with paper or plastic, make sure your Vancouver storage facility can accommodate you. Ask ahead about payment options and rates. Mobile Storage Containers: A Vancouver mobile storage container can offer you great flexibility during a move. You can park your storage unit in your driveway and load it at your leisure. When you’re ready, you can have that unit stored and then shipped to your next destination!  

Living in Downtown Vancouver

History buffs and nature lovers will find plenty to keep them busy when living in Vancouver. Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Museum yield hours and hours worth of fun learning opportunities and a look into the past. The Lewis and Clark State Recreation site and many regional parks give ample opportunities to explore the natural beauty of this northwestern city. Hiking, walking, and biking are all perfect in this portion of Washington.

Like with many cities, space can be tight. Thankfully, has put together this helpful list of Vancouver storage facilities for you to browse. The variety of amenities will help you find the perfect self storage solution for your needs. If you need a space for your wine collection, room for your small business equipment, or a spot to store your bike and hiking gear, can help!

Mini Storage Amenities to Consider: Business Storage: Many businesses of a variety of sizes find that Vancouver business storage helps make things a little more efficient. Some facilities even offer Wi-Fi, delivery acceptance, or conference room space! Variety of Size Options: Sometimes in life you might need to store just a little and sometimes you need to store a whole lot. Whatever situation you are in, you can find an option from a small locker to a large unit that looks like a small warehouse! Discount Options: Ask about any discounts that facilities might offer. Look into military discounts, student rates, or senior citizen discounts. Saving every little bit helps!

College Storage

Clark College, WSU Vancouver, and Everest College-Vancouver are just a few of the many higher education opportunities in this area. Students of these fine schools find themselves in need of a little more room from time to time. Whether your dorm room is a little cramped or if you want a place to store your gear in between years or semesters, opt for a cheap Vancouver college storage solution.

Let the experts at help you or the student in your family find a great storage unit. Our call center can help you and this site has been designed to help make comparing and contrasting storage options efficient and simple.

Storage features to consider for Vancouver college storage: Student Discounts: In an effort to help out college students, many Washington storage facilities will offer student discounts. Ask about these rates to see if there are savings to be found! Convenient Options: A variety of storage unit sizes and nearby facilities help make using a storage unit easy. You won’t have to travel far to find a facility and you won’t have to pay for space that you don’t need! Month-to-Month Options: If you just need storage during the summer, ask facilities if they have short term rates. Many places won’t lock you into a deal you don’t want.

Vancouver Vehicle Storage

Vancouver’s “bike and bus”  commuting system makes many people think twice about having a car. The C-Tran system has been designed to help reduce the need for vehicles. If you still want to keep your vehicle but like the price of a Vancouver storage option instead of a downtown parking spot, then let help you find the right spot!

With great waterways nearby, perhaps you are one of many people who have purchased a watercraft! Many HOAs or tight downtown dwellings don’t make owning a boat extremely convenient. Thankfully, Vancouver boat storage is an option on this site!

Even a misty rain can wreak havoc on a classic vehicle. Protect your car by putting it in a covered storage space or even a fully enclosed one with climate control.

When it comes to Washington vehicle storage, you have a few options: Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and offers no protection from the elements. Covered storage is slightly more expensive and provides some shelter from the elements. Indoor storage is the most expensive option and provides complete protection from the elements.

Vancouver Vehicle Storage Amenities: Climate Controlled Units:  Many vehicles are sensitive to the weather and cannot be simply left in a driveway. If you have a vehicle you want to carefully protect, then rent a cheap Vancouver car storage unit. Covered Spaces:  For a cheaper option, a covered spot in a lot might do the trick. If you are travelling or don’t have space in your driveway, consider opting for this car storage route. RV Storage: Cross country driving in a recreational vehicle is a dream for many. If that dream becomes a reality for you, safeguard your weekend warrior vehicle when it isn’t in use.


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